3 Tactics for Making Viral YouTube videos

Saad Ahmad lone
2 min readAug 25, 2021


Viral videos gather traction rapidly and spread like quick wildfire. They are shared multiple times on social media platform and reaches to even those people haven’t seen your content ever. Therefore boosting your popularity and business within no time!

Creating a viral video related very much to cooking, where you’re required to put correct ingredients in the exact amount to make it a tempting one. Similarly, you need to add better content with dead-correct viral video tactics.

Here are three sure-fire ways to make your YouTube videos go viral:

The techniques and insights we’re sharing here aren’t a quick fix or a guarantee.

Keep it concise and fascinating

It is very important to understand the mindset of the audience. Human psychology says that if you want to catch their attraction while they are busy scrolling, you need to make a very short video with an absolute king of the content.

Remember, even if you create delicious, supreme content but make a longer video, You’ll observe a drastic reduction in CTR. People will ignore your content without even watching or clicking it!.

You can easily take the example from the inspirational story of wolves being reintroduced to Yellowstone park or the latest delectable recipe from Tasty. All it takes is 60 seconds to watch them, yet they made an impact on the audience.

Create a catchy, attractive thumbnail

The essence of the video lies in its thumbnail. Therefore, it needs to be hot, spicy, and attractive enough to grab the attention of your followers and audience. The entire idea of the content lies on one single thumbnail, therefore it needs to be carefully selected with the mindset and perspective of the audience. It should stay in the creator’s mind, how the users will perceive it before he uploads it on YouTube.

Produce Dynamite Video introduction

Once your video is prepared and ready to be launched, the final most important step is to write an awesome eye-catching video description.

You must add some piece of curiosity and interesting facts in the short description. The audience wants something innovative and interesting.

Try to bring them to the same page by writing a tempting word description that compels them to watch your video.


Making a viral video isn’t a piece of cake. If you fail in applying these tactics, it may end up with all your efforts go up in smoke!

Try to use all of those keywords which seem rhythmic and useful in the video content.

If you’ve taken the SEO advantages with applying the above tactics effectively, then buckle up yourself to see your content trending at #1.